Afterhere partners up electro pioneer Glenn Gregory with composer, vocalist and pianist Berenice Scott. Together they write beautiful, contemporary, engaging and bewitching music. 

From the delicate to the immense, Sepia juxtaposes energy with a calming ambience, gliding effortlessly though tranquil lavish synths, sublime strings and hypnotic vocals. 

They met at an airport in Denmark where they were to perform (in different bands) at a music festival. They met again in London a couple of months later and haven’t stopped working together since, both writing music and touring extensively – in the UK and Europe as Heaven 17 and in both America and Canada with Holy Holy.  

Earlier this year Glenn and Berenice spent time in Beijing where they composed a 27 minute piece for an all girl Chinese Contemporary Dance group to be performed across China in 2018 and hopefully coming to Europe later that year. They have also written the music for the Broadway production of A Clockwork Orange and have just composed the music for the six part Drama for ITV ‘Liar’ airing this autumn. 

They love working together and amidst all this touring and composing they have also been writing an album under the name as Afterhere and have also been working on some ambient tracks which will be released on the Ambient Zone, the first of which is ‘Sepia’, a track that moves through the spheres and bathes you in its light, its warmth and it’s majesty.    

Previously as Honeyroot, Glenn (with Keith Lowndes) have two beautiful albums released on the Just Music label – ‘Sound Echo Location’ and ‘The Sun Will Come’. 

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