“I have always loved ambient music starting as a child with Satie and then Jon Hassell, Brian Eno and Biosphere being my favourites. The analogy I make is if contemporary electronic music with beats equals pop art then ambient music equals abstract art. I only wish modern day digital platforms would understand that ambient music is pretty much beatless and apply that principle to their listings.”

When thinking Balearic, there is a name that should strike you right away. No, not Ibiza itself, but the man responsible for producing and curating some of the lushest sunset music the White Island has ever heard, the legendary Steve Miller, perhaps most commonly known as ‘Afterlife’.

Making a name for himself in the early 2000’s by playing monumental events such as Glastonbury, headlining Cafe Del Mar’s 20th anniversary party and reaching the top of the UK charts by remixing ‘Another Chance’ from Roger Sanchez, he’s managed a consistency unlike many others in the two decades since, gaining support from the late Andrew Weatherall, Charles Webster, Ron Trent, Danny Tenaglia, Francois K and Paper Recordings who love his New Balearic approach to electronica with his monthly radio show focussing on new electronic releases.

Announcing his Ambient Meditations EP to be released 23rd June Steve says:

“I have wanted to make some pure ambient music for a long time, but my usual schedule prevented that from happening. Lockdown created the space and time for me to fulfil that wish and it was such a defining and contemplative experience that it has now become a mainstay in my future work.”

About the first single – The Lost Birds – he says:

“This was inspired by a book of the same title about a spaceship captain protecting an orphan as he grew up who was wanted by the totalitarian government because he could jump through hyperspace by using only his unique natural talent. The music conveys the feeling of the whole story”

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