Austin Rockman

This is an improvisational work that revolves around the guitar as both a textural and melodic sound source. The piece contains a myriad of sounds from playfully engaging with the physicality of the instrument. Personally, this work embodies the end of an era, as the artist moves past the sonic approaches of his earlier releases.

Austin Rockman is an experiential composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist who aims to inhabit a meaningful overlap between noise, dissonance and musical pleasantry. His works utilize a unique hybrid of digital and organic sound sources. The result being a dreamscape of an almost supernatural origin, that tempt the ears to rethink the possibilities of the auditory arena. Austin is someone who appreciates the subtleties of various art forms. He spends his free time culturing himself in cinema, exploring multiple disciplines of literature, and writing poetry. Be it in words, sounds, or images, expression is the home of his heart and mind.

‘Austin Rockman’s music is truly an unprecedented journey through time and space. Liberating, unconventional and groundbreaking are but a few accurate adjectives to describe his craft and innovative approach to music.’ Soundontime

His creative inspiration comes from many forms of art, mainly cinema. Recently, he finds himself coming back to musicians like Talk Talk, Nick Drake, Slint, Swans, My Bloody Valentine and Björk. His music has drawn comparisons to composers like William Basinski, Jeff Greinke, Nicholas Jaar, Shlohmo, and Jim O’Rourke.

Ambient music has become quite the umbrella term, like most genres, for a sort of ‘do whatever you want’ music. But if there is one distinction among other forms of instrumental music it is the aim to create a sort of crystallized emotion, where the listener is invited into a refreshing and unpredictable experience, very much characterized by a place in time.

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