“Ambient music to us is about embracing curiosity, instead of necessity and plight, and creating quiet meaning.”

Barsmark is Jeppe and Jonas/a Copenhagen-based duo that strives to blend scandinavian folk with the wave of contemporary ambient music.

dæmning pt. 1 is the first track taken from their forthcoming EP Hvidt Lyser Stien set for release in December ’21. In English, the title translates as ‘White Lights the Path’.

“Creating quiet meaning” is the expression they use when talking about ambient music – and it’s exactly what they do when making it.

From the opening gentle bell of movement in a field, they make a field recording of sheep and create from that actual landscape their own personal soundscape. Having a sensitivity to capture that place where sounds and music gently converge – a bit like Oneohtrix Point Never, Mogwai, and Tycho they magic up their very own sound and vision.

This short introductory track is in many ways a mini overture of the EP to come – it’s a microcosm of the musical path down which they will lead us – a path well worth joining them on…