Ben Fehr & Liam Cutler

Ben Fehr & Liam Cutler are a contemporary electronic pairing from London. They started working together in 2016 and their self-titled project pursues deep electronic sounds, working with modern textures alongside unconventional composition to create intensely rhythmic and melodic soundscapes.   

Neither minimal nor dance, ‘Lock’ for us occupies the space in between, the ambient calm of repetitiveness. The track for us works as a simple chord sequence and a repetitive kick drum.”  

It is emotions evoked purely through sound, without any subject matter, that make ambient music so important for Ben and Liam. The ambiguous term of ‘ambient’ for them leaves space for a listener to take what they want or need from nothing more than sounds. 

Often collaborating with visual artists in live situations, the pair also work to create an immersive experience through audio-visual shows and cinematic songwriting. 

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