“Gryphon is a new piece exploring a beautiful daydream about a mythological creature: half lion, half eagle. The music is its theme, both soaring and grounded with majesty.”

Bengalfuel is the audio-visual project of Joe LiTrenta and Dentist. They have released ambient electronic music on labels such as Hibernate Recordings and Resting Bells as well as many self-released digital EPs and albums with accompanying videos. The music is a combination of their sensibilities as solo artists typified by soft synthesizer pads sometimes with drum loops of many different styles of electronic music and vocals or vocal samples.

“Ambient music for me is the allowing of imagination in a musical sense, rather than the definition of notes. This provides a sonic atmosphere for the areas still being explored; cerebral, vibrational places that are unknown. It’s also a lovely companion for meditation.”

With their more ‘pure’ ambient tracks musical comparisons have been made to Gas, Celer and Marconi Union. When referring to their more electronic, beat-driven tracks then similarities have been drawn to Ceephax and Aphex Twin.

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