Chris Coco

‘Saturday’s Child’ is a light, floating feeling of movement and suspense, featuring beautiful melodies on Cello (Jo Silverston) and some night time wildlife recorded in the Ibizan countryside by tastemaker and early pioneer of the ‘chillout scene’ on Ibiza and the airways, Chris Coco.

“In the current climate where nothing means what it says, where communication is general in angry online soundbites, where the real issues that affect us all (like climate change) are being ignored by the people in power, actually, ridiculously, ambient music is more important than ever. This music invites you to take some time, give yourself some space, let go a little and maybe, just maybe, in that space, while the music plays, find yourself, have an idea, a moment of clarity, a moment of peace. Yes, whisper it, I know, I’m naive and stupid but I still think that music can help change the world!”

About ambient music he says:

“I have always liked the idea of functional music, the right sound for the right environment or mood. All music is ‘ambient’, in the way it invisibly fills a space and creates an atmosphere, and though ambient has become a sort of genre in its own right, the sound of it should not be restricted to one style or sound or rigid structure. This music is meant for moments of calm and relaxation. It can be listened to and enjoyed as a whole experience or used as a mood enhancer.”

Chris has made artist albums for Warp and Distinctive Records and compilations for Playboy, Ministry of Sound, EMI Classical and Trojan Records. His music has appeared on many compilations including the big ones, Cafe Del Mar and Hotel Costes and has also been featured on Sex And The City, Nip Tuck, House and many other TV shows.

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