“We have been huge fans of RinneRadio from Rok to their latest tracks on The Ambient Zone. The remix of Talk from our debut EP took the track in a surprising direction pairing bass clarinet and modular with our voice.  It morphed into a strange ambient song, a seductive roadtrip soundscape.”

Construction is a collaboration between Nadya Peek and Marko Ahtisaari who met at MIT while fabricating using a large CNC mill! Though occupied during the day at MIT they started improvising with a seaboard and a bass in the evening. Soon they started adding drum machines, synthesizers, vocals, playing shows, and working with producer Pat Dillett at Reservoir Studios NYC. Their debut EP Set was released last year and the band has recently played around Sonar+D, TED, MMOMA, HDW, and Our Festival. Besides music, Construction also engage in whatever other creative endeavours they find, especially if they come with good snacks….

“Down with attention hegemony and narrative expectations! We don’t need you to listen, we are just trying to offer a mood. We like it when music sounds like nostalgia, or memory, a place, or a speed. And yes, we’ve lived in Thursday Afternoon for many months.”

They say that they slept through enough minimal Berlin techno and stayed up through Max Richter’s Sleep and come from a place steeped in Sibelius with a childhood of triphop and a few pretentious teenage riot years of free jazz to bring you their unique sound…..

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