Dear Gravity

Featuring moody piano and atmospheric electric guitar, this brief yet haunting piece by ambient composer Dear Gravity (Mike Graff) gives the listener a chance to step back and explore their thoughts. Combining ambient, cinematic, and post-rock elements, Dear Gravity’s musical work is new yet familiar. Always exploring, always searching, always wondering.

Principal member Mike Graff is no stranger to the ambient music scene, having been involved in a wide range of instrumental projects over the past decade. Featured worldwide in a variety of films and projects, each Dear Gravity release has been met with critical acclaim.

In 2019, Dear Gravity released the three-instalment Pilgrimage Series in collaboration with Echoes Blue Music (Salt Of The Sound, Narrow Skies, Antarctic Wastelands).  Each instalment – Departure, Wayfaring, and Arrival – was created to feel like a journey on its own, yet also tie in with a greater narrative.  The entire Pilgrimage Series was released in full-length form in January 2020.

In between Pilgrimage releases, Dear Gravity released the minimalist-mindfulness album Sleep Scenes in October 2019 and 2020 will see the landscape of Dear Gravity’s creative work expand even further.  With daring and minimal new sounds yet to come, Dear Gravity has truly only begun on its own pilgrimage.

Ambient music allows me – both as a composer and an avid listener – to reset my mood, take in a calmer approach to life, and focus on what I need to do next.  I want to create music that gives this same opportunity for focus and rest as it does for me.  There’s enough busyness and distraction in this world – I want to keep creating music that bucks the fast-forward mentality of it all.”

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