“Sunken Forest is a short piece I wrote at the start of UK lockdown, 2020. When I hear it I imagine one of those towns that have eventually been swallowed up by a lake – you know buildings are still there underneath, the tops of pine trees still poking out. It evokes ideas of the earth and life undergoing constant change.”

Richard Pike is a London-based Australian composer & multi-instrumentalist. His ambient/experimental solo pseudonym is DEEP LEARNING. He is also known as frontman and producer of Sydney pioneers PVT (Pivot), released on Warp Records UK and Felte US.

About DEEP LEARNING he says: It is the electric aero-pulse of bliss. These are the texture residue songs of childhood dreams. The unstable strength of solitude. The sweet anxiety of a cascading fog. The moment where the data-music unfolds to lay bare it’s triumphant meaninglessness and vast uninterruption. It was always there and wants for nothing. If you open the door it can bring cosmic joy.

Richard launched his own record label, Salmon Universe, in 2018. With a focus on ambient and electronic music, he released 2 of his own albums under the name DEEP LEARNING: Soft Confidence and Dataverse. He is also an AACTA award-nominated score composer.

Although the sounds he uses are quite analogue, his albums are mainly made with software. In the rare case outboard equipment was used it is comprised of a Korg MS20 Mini and Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo.

“I moved into ambient music after a period of reassessment with everything and then a period of renewal with my first release ‘Soft Confidence’. It has become a mainstay for my life, inner and outer.”

Impeccably crafted, DEEP LEARNING is the luscious background you deserve, scraping away the noise and junk to reveal the constant drift that ties everything together.“  The Quietus.

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