“Lots of ambient music has a dream-like state – we’ve attempted to recreate how music sounds when you are in that liminal state between sleep and wakefulness. Here, in ‘Arbuth’ it’s a kind of hallucinatory, time distorted rave dream!”

Echaskech are a London based electronic act who draw on numerous influences ranging across techno, ambient, acid, IDM, classical and drum and bass, combining them into a unique and compelling amalgamation of sound.

 With three albums and a number of EPs released on Just Music alongside diverse acts such as Jon Hopkins, Leo Abrahams, Marconi Union and Will Dutta, Echaskech have seen fantastic radio support from BBC 6 Music and great critical acclaim across a range of press including Mojo, Drowned in Sound, The Crack, The Skinny and The Irish Times.

“Brian Eno sums up the Ambient genre perfectly with the statement: “Ambient music allows many different types of attention.” We love that you can choose where to place yourself within ambient music. Ambient is generous in that it doesn’t steal or smother attention unless you allow it to – indeed, it grants the listener an ability to choose how they use the music. This malleability is unique to ambient – enabling options of which journey to go on when listening, either directed by the sounds themselves or with the music in combination with another activity such as mindfulness or reading a book. Producing ambient music holds equally as exciting possibilities – a chance to conjure sounds and atmospheres from memories, emotions or field recordings and where traditional ‘rules’ and structures around making music can be discarded.”

In the live environment they team up with visual artist Mach V to deliver shows of excitement and distinction – they are performing live at St Pancras Old Church as part of an Ambient Zone Presents evening on Friday 29th March.

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