Ethan Wilson

“For me, Ambient music will always be a part of my listening playlist. Tastes come and go, but ambient music will always stay. It’s perfect for background music for studying and other activities, and it can also be an amazing genre to listen in an active state as well which few genres can say the same.”

Inspired by Bonobo, Lapalux, Tennyson, deadmau5, and many others, Dallas-based artist Ethan Wilson (20) has created a sound with warm tones and funky grooves. His first release was through Svnset Waves, and shortly after, his first EP (Falling Down the Penrose Steps) was also released.

Melting Space encapsulates a dream-like sound that feels like there’s no ground beneath you. The progression throughout creates a journey through a curious space where up is down and left is right, and everything falls up.

Ethan says:

“I was in a small creative drought at one point and kept making ideas that didn’t seem to capture my attention. I remember I was playing around with new sampling techniques and I recycled one of my old ideas and turned it into what is now Melting Space. I really enjoyed the ambient, morphing-like feel I got from this track, and immediately felt like this was the one track to light that spark again.”

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