“When we follow – meaning to move or travel behind, in a sense being guided. A train rides through cloud-darkness. Everything is undeveloped and dark. As time passes, the situation remains serious and difficult, chaos building up. Everything is in motion, despite the danger that exists, but you have a guiding hand, a helper to deal with the chaos. Suddenly there is a turn. This event is so sudden, that it feels wrong, but with time it offers relief. The chaos returns to normal conditions.”

Faru is a Berlin-based musician and designer, born in Bonn, Germany. He has been releasing Drone and Ambient music since 2016. His works explore movements of nature, noise and harmonics and his music has been described as a natural orchestra in a dream-like manner.

Faru says that his musical references are Biosphere, ASC and Donato Dozzy.

“In the space created by ambient music imagination is moving, thoughts are free. Nothing is forced.“

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