Francisco Sonur

“Mountain Guide has been written and recorded for over a year waiting for the right moment to be released. It was a long process, but at the same time a very nice learning time.”

Francisco Sonur is a musician/producer (born in La Plata, Argentina) but currently resides in Sydney, Australia. He says his challenge has always been the same, to transmit what words cannot name.

Tapes loops. Ambient soundscapes. Field Recordings. Toy instruments. Almost everything that can be used to express emotions can be found in his music.

The main concept of the Mountain Guide EP was to create a dance piece, but at the same time capable of leading us to introspection. It is an EP that aims to take us through the beautiful trails until we reach the top of the mountain.

108 starts with familiar notes of the piano yet the higher you climb, the more exotic and hyperreal your surroundings become. Glossy neon synths slide past you and glitchy textures bring your landscape to life.

As you climb you are again met with the familiar, except you now view this in a new light. The expression of the piano reflects your oneness with nature in this moment, and as you go to climb again, the endorphins begin to flow through you.

Francisco’s main musical references are Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You and V8 and his work has been compared to that of Kiasmos, Christian Loffler and Marcus Fischer.

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