“Ambient music can be of help because it is meant to give a voice to places, to create a constant flow of soundscapes in which we can immerse and reflect, rest, listen and relax. That is why I love ambient music, and it is in this spirit that I compose my pieces.”

Dario Giardi, alias Giadar, graduated in music theory and harmony at the Berklee College of music with a specialization in ‘Music for Wellness”.

In his music, typical ambient approaches coexist with a crepuscular piano minimalism and dronegaze suspended in an emotional limbo to rediscover the soundscape and elevate spirit.

He feels that our acoustic environment profoundly shapes the quality of our lives, yet we have become increasingly estranged from it, to the point that today we perceive it as alien and even irritating, so much so that we talk about noise pollution. We seem to have reached a kind of alienation from sound that has turned us into passive players without being aware of it, no longer used to paying attention to the features of what Murray Schafer has termed our soundscape.

“Finistère” is an astral journey to bring listeners to reach an imaginary place: Finistère, a borderland where reality gives way to dreams and where sounds expand, becoming ethereal, almost impalpable. A soundscape characterized by an arctic wind, by the melodic minimalism of nature and its elements and by a persistent white noise. A place of tranquility to take refuge. Song titles reflect precise sequential directions for the listener. Giadar imagined that the listener was catapulted into a hypnosis session, with the precise indications of the therapist, to find the right way to reach this fantastic place.

“To me, ambient music is a revolutionary genre because it aims to shake up a society that is busy watching the world, without understanding that the world should not be watched, it should be heard. It should not be read. It should be listened to.

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