Midnight was written to capture my favorite time of nighta time of night when things are quiet and solitude can be experienced. It’s the sound of a city shutting down.  Midnight was created with by granular loops.  These loops build on each other but gradually disperse into a reverberation  

Zander Kagle (aka glowlonely) grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys hiking and taking his dog to the dog park when he’s not making modular music. Trained as a drummer from an early age, through playing in bands and spending years touring, he developed a profound interest in production and mixing. This interest eventually cultivated into the pursuit of modular music. His current endeavour is creating live ambient and modular music in order to achieve an organic and emotive atmosphere of sound and feel. 

Previously, he lived in New York City and wrote music for commercial media. He also wrote and toured for the electronic act Holiday Mountain. After many years, glowlonely is enjoying writing from a different and more introspective perspective containing a more nuanced and subtle artistic approach. 

Citing his musical references as Ann Annie, Brian Eno, Lightbathrbeny, and Jogging House, about ambient music he says:  

“Unlike many types of music that try to get from point a to point b, I believe ambient music is trying to capture a moment in time and the complexity of nature.”  

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