‘Lost’ is a disfigured imagining of an original song scattered over a broken soundscape” 

Harpey is the recording name of UK-based producer and musician, Janet Savage. 

Dark streets lit with neon, surrounded by highrise buildings and populated by abnormal beings is the setting Lost creates. It could easily be setting the scene to a Ballard or Huxley-esque dystopia, with its eerie pockets of space creating feelings of disassociation in a distorted world. Like its literary counterparts, it mirrors elements of our current world and warns on its potential plight.  

The advancements of technology, particularly social media mean feeling lost isn’t a foreign concept. Harpey reminds you that you’re not alone here, and Lost provides the cathartic outlet you need sometimes, to make sense of things.  

“Ambient invites a co-creation between artist and listener. What’s not included is just as important as what has been included.” 

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