“This version of “No Longer Know” blends ethereal pads with minimal electronic beats and ethnic percussion. I feel particularly attached to this tune because it marked the beginning of my music collaboration with Andrea Bellucci, renowned musician of the Italian experimental scene”. 

In 2018, Sergio Calzoni founded the ambient combo ILUITEQ, together with Andrea Bellucci. The music journey started at the beginning of the ’90s with the dark-wave project Alma Mater. Afterwards, he founded the band Act Noir, releasing two albums of electro-trip-rock music and playing live as opening act for John Foxx and Clan Of Xymox. The new millennium marked the beginning of his musical collaboration with Gianni Pedretti and his experimental-songwriter project Colloquio, releasing three albums and playing live all over Italy. With an ever-growing fascination for experimental soundscapes, in 2012 Sergio gave birth to his solo project Orghanon, with the purpose to explore the many facets of ambient music. Thanks to Orghanon, Sergio had the opportunity to provide soundtracks for movies and theatre performances. The original version of this track is included on the album “Soundtracks For Winter Departures”.  

“Ambient music is a form of meditation, through which we can deeply connect to our inner self. We live in a world where spirituality and inner peace are traded for an insane, endless economic growth. Human beings are born for higher purposes and ambient music can be a source of inspiration to see things from a different perspective”. 

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