Jogging House

It is hard to really define ambient music, as it is such a very vague genre. For some it is just background music in spas, for others it is generative music and yet others focus on complex compositions. For me personally it is a way of calming down and being free. Not having to follow any rules and just listening to yourself, maybe even discovering a side of you that you weren’t in touch with before.” 

Jogging House is Boris Potschubay, a synthesist and composer from Frankfurt, Germany, with a free approach to composition and a uniquely serene and sensual sound.

Loosely named after the German word for sweat pants, Jogging House’s tracks are about taking things slowly, but also doing the unexpected.  

Boris combines ambient soundscapes with laid-back grooves and countless little melodies & details. He creates beautiful music that isn’t related to a certain time or place but aims to explore feelings and moods through sound, taking his listeners along the journey.  

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