Jonathan S Griff

“Coracle Shells” is a sparse and haunting track, a peaceful space to inhabit. Quiet and still to begin with, its reflective and slightly melancholic chords give way to a gently soaring passage which reveals the optimism at the core of the piece.”

Jonathan S Griff is a London based electronic composer and classically trained pianist. He has written music for film, TV and theatre, before going to study music at Goldsmiths in London. During this time he studied film composition and arranging, as well as piano with British experimental jazz pianist Howard Riley which fuelled his interest in improvisation.

He is currently working on a collection of new ambient/electronic compositions that mix classical influences with improvisation. 

“Coracle Shells” is a piece about reflection, from a place of stillness. “After finishing the piece, I saw a picture of upturned coracles on a beach, working boats at rest, which seemed to capture the spirit of what I was trying to get across in the piece”.          

Jonathan S Griff’s musical references are to Susumu Yokota, Chris Carter, Simon Fisher Turner, Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel and Philip Glass whilst similarities have been drawn to the music of Susumu Yokota, Erik Satie

“Ambient Music appeals to me because I like music that is simple and direct but has hidden depths that reveal themselves with further listening. But I also like the fact that it can equally exist as a backdrop that doesn’t force itself into your awareness, yet has the power to influence your mood”.

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