“I’m really keen to dig into my true music producing potential. I’ve always admired ambient and cinematic music, and I’ve been making this kind of music for some time. It makes me feel calm and galvanized at the same time. I hope you enjoy this track as much as I do, thank you.”

Kemal is just 19 years old and from Indonesia. He is currently studying at University. When he needs to escape from the stress, he listens to peaceful music or just opens up his DAW and starts to compose music.

Kemal takes his musical inspiration from Flume and We Are All Astronauts and he says that what he loves about ambient music is that one right track can take you to another moment, time, or dimension. For him, it’s an escape from reality.

“I’ve been dreaming my whole life to compose music for a living.  Joining The Ambient Zone is my first big step into my new beginnings.”

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