I find ambient music in general, a very pure and moody genre of music. Whether I want to listen to a tune with a pleasant and calming mood or listen to a tune that makes me feel some sort of longing for something, or whether I’m listening to feel introspective or to simply not think at all, ambient music can make me feel any of these sentiments in the purest way.

Originating from Canada, Kaisaku is a producer who specializes in composing ambient, storytelling music. Having musical roots that stem from the vast atmospheres of Future Garage, his sound has shown to continually evolve over time. His music ranges from purely ambient tracks with intense, expansive soundscapes and naturesque foley textures, to more cinematic-inspired compositions with soft and uplifting sounds suitable for imaginative listening. Kaisaku is not bound by a particular genre but only fuelled by a desire to convey emotions and stories that are simply genuine.

Every track is a gem without fail” – Stereofox

Consisting of layered pads and blurred seaside ambience, “Stasis” is a more slow-moving ambient piece. Little sparkling notes from a resample piano appear throughout and the atmosphere slowly builds in intensity as the piece goes on. Even so, minimal composition is used to instil an overall sense of stillness and tranquillity.

Normally, I like to create songs that develop in some way and take you on a journey. However, I wanted to provide a moment of respite with this one. Something akin to stopping at a resting place or taking a second to breathe during busy times.

As essential musical inspirations Kaisaku mentions Stumbleine, Ólafur Arnalds, Cicada, Tourist, and many a film, show and video game soundtracks. For pure ambient music and ‘Stasis’ specifically: Alaskan Tapes, unforseen, Soular Order, yreil, Valotihkuu.

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