With Frontier Confines I wanted to create a gentle and soft piece, that rolls and swells with a tame, but gradual build towards the summit of the track. I feel that it’s a great piece that the listener can explore the texture and layers with concentration, or simply relax and get lost in.

Kieldfal is an ambient and atmospheric project based out of Northumberland, England. It’s the brainchild of composer Sam Wardhaugh, who aims to explore, discover and craft different approaches to sound design and songcraft.

Through sampling, field recordings and experimentalism, Kieldfal transforms these elements into deep and intriguing layered, textural soundscapes. The releases predominately focus on orchestral drones, string arrangements and intimate production aesthetics that combined, help to drive depth and character

Frontier Confines takes its influence from the cold, harsh and sometimes unyielding environments experienced in Northumberland, England. But yet, where beauty and stillness can be found. Frontier Confines carries a calming sensation, that will take the listener on a relaxing journey and provides a meditative environment.

I’ve always loved nature and stillness from when I was young and I think that has gradually developed and moved into my music. I love that the ambient genre is such a diverse and varied field; that you can discover some amazing artists doing completely different things but with the same instruments. I enjoy the fact that you can either meditate and let the ambient music glide over you, or really focus and listen to all the textures, the gaps between notes, the layers and noise.”

Kelidfal has a wide range of musical taste that he likes to bring into his own ambient project, and through years of listening and experiencing those artists it has helped create that own unique approach and sound design that is Keildfal. Ambient artists from which he has really found inspiration and reference recently would be Alaskan Tapes, Lauge and BPMoore.

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