Lazy Pluto

I was inspired by watching Chicago Footwork after attending Bass Coast, a small festival on the west coast of Canada. I’m super inspired by futuristic and spacey sounds, I always try to bend genre’s so that I can attempt an undefinable classification.

The primary alias of Jade Krogh-Mantle, Lazy Pluto, has been credited with some of the least predictable, least classifiable electronic music in Canada.

Although rhythmic and dance floor worthy, this track’s primary form takes on the immersion of a Transcendental Meditation. With a driving mantra present throughout, it works through different pockets of your mind; surfacing, making sense of and setting free buried thoughts, while always returning to the propulsive sedation of this motif.

Since debuting modestly in 2014 under the alias Kaboko, Lazy Pluto has juggled a diverse array of inspirations, including early-’80s funk and electro, art rock, raw and classicist house, and Dubstep, while putting a fresh spin on the forms to decayed, disorienting effect.

Ambient music is something that can be used as a tool, I’ll often use ambient music for meditative purposes, you can create such an interesting emotional sensation with this genre, it’s beautiful and relatively unexplored.

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