Leo Abrahams

“Ambient music is often misunderstood or mischaracterised as being static or uneventful, and even purposefully so. The best ambient music is highly focused with heightened attention to detail and to the passing of time – qualities which, in turn, it nurtures in the listener.”

Leo Abrahams is a London-based composer, guitarist and producer.

He has worked with a multitude of artists in a career spanning over 400 releases, including long-standing collaborations with Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins and David Holmes and ranging from experimental (Judith Hamann) to pop (Harry Styles).

He has released numerous records under his own name; ‘Yield’ follows 2021’s ’Scene Memory II’ and the acclaimed improvisation-centred projects ‘Krononaut’ (with Martin France and Arve Henriksen) and ‘Visitations’ (with Shahzad Ismaily).

In March 2024, he released Forage:

“This is a solo guitar improvisation. Rather than using loops, I route the guitar through interdependent parallel chains of effects in Ableton. The aim is to create a software ecosystem in which, as a player, one can wander and get lost.” – Leo Abrahams

Early solo releases also include ‘Honeytrap’ and ‘The Grape And The Grain’ for Just Music.

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