‘Self Frequency’ is the lead track taken from electronic musician Musin’s debut release – ‘Perception’. While containing dance beats, this EP is also an experimental and ambient work. It captures melancholic sounds in non-linear structures and merges acoustic drums with lo-fi synthesisers through the use of pedal effects and analogue synthesisers finding a balance between electronica and contemporary composition.

Inspired by the short movies of the avant-garde artist Richard Sierra, ‘Perception’ is based on the interpretation of reality through time, space and matter. Perception has its own abstract logic and this makes it necessary to adapt verbal or mathematical terms in ordinary life. Time, scale and three-dimensional vagueness are usually accepted as interpretations of reality and the experience of self-reflection highlights the contradiction in the perception of the subject itself and its objective expression.

Born in Italy, Musin creates experimental tracks using analogue equipment and real instruments, merging acoustic beats with melancholic music. He learned piano from the age of six and later guitar, accordion, hand percussions and drums. In 2007 he moved to London where he graduated in Sound Engineering at SAE London Institute and had an opportunity to study with a great electroacoustic composer and researcher who got him interested in electronic composition.

Fascinated by sound and space Musin has recently dedicated his time to producing music that embraces acoustic instruments with electronics, finding ways to create spatial dimensions through the use of effects in a non-linear structural composition.

Time, space and repetitions are the generative factors in our daily life, while we live in chaotic environments the spatial self-interpretation of ambient is the fundamental key to go through reality. Thus this is the aim of ambient music as a medium to create active listening through the inner expression of senses.

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