Nami Sato

Following on from last year’s critically acclaimed EP from Nami Sato - ‘Our Map Here’, a beautiful and moving record of atmospheric soundcapes recorded in the area that was heavily affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Tsunami that followed, we are delighted to bring you two new tracks from Nami in advance of her forthcoming album entitled ‘World Sketch Monologue’ which will be released in the new year.

About ‘TEN’, which will feature on her new album, Nami says:

The rain stopped and I saw a rainbow in the sky as if it was perfectly orchestrated. It felt like I was part of a perfectly written script. At the same time, I felt this strange feeling pouring through my body. We don’t recall it but every cell and tips of our body remembers it.  We just haven’t recalled it yet.

The accompanying video has been sponsored by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation (PIIF) Sendai City Citizen and Culture Public Corporation.

The second track on the EP is entitled ‘6th August’, which is a reference to the bombing of Hiroshima which took place at 08.15 on that day in 1945.

On 6th of August 2020, I was rolling the recorder as I walked down Jouzenji Street. I was contemplating about peace. Summer will come next year and the following year in the same way it did this year, 6th of August will come the same way too. People can forget tragedy such as war and disaster so easily when they stop thinking.

Nami Sato grew up in Sendai – a small town on the coast side of Japan. When not working as a composer for television and short films, she contributes to local art projects and works on independent albums. In 2018, she qualified for the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin as a solo ambient musician.

Her favourite musicians are Brian Eno, Helios, Hammock, Bon Iver, Sigur Rós, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Hikaru Utada, Masakatsu Takagi, Ryuichi Sakamoto and her music has drawn comparisons to Yoshi Horikawa,

Ambient music is like a little boat. It brings us to a holy part of your mind where you keep your precious memory and scenery.

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