“Writing this track has been a lesson in restraint, for the better. Initially, I had in mind something that grew grander and louder from a single tonal seed. In practice, however, there came a point in the track where something snapped and it became something it shouldn’t have been. On a seismograph, imagine plates splitting in place of a light murmur. The creative process behind this track has been me trying to control myself.”

Odeko is based in South-West England but originally from South Wales. He makes electronic, computer-based music but utilizes recorded sounds from whatever he can capture. He tries to augment one with the other, or not, and vice-versa. He enjoys being self-indulgent and forcing together different aspects and angles from the myriad world of music. He says it’s a good way to keep things fun and on rare occasions it can yield something interesting!

“I find it hard to pin down exactly what ambient music is, and but it’s easy to spot it in the wild. The most prominent quality for me is that it takes me away from my current surrounds and for a brief time I’m lost. Generally, music from most genres, those in a traditional sense at least, hold my attention and tend to give an overt presence which never falls to the background. However with ambient music, whether it’s the background theme of the PS4 home screen, a selected piece of work or even incidental sound in the environment, the same response occurs. To be removed from your surroundings by something that can almost go unnoticed is a magical feeling once realised, but also a bit sad because you don’t know when you’ll go there next.”

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