“The title of this track, Mollify, means to appease anger or anxiety. Its distorted opening encapsulates the stresses of daily life whilst the soaring simplistic melody transcends this, quelling the confusion beneath. The middle section submerges the listener in swells of sub before a return to the opening melody gently lifts the listener, providing a memory of the familiar”

Shrouded in a musical mist, Mollify is both mysterious and magnificent – a blanket of intriguing textures and movements, and soothing sounds.  Opdot comprise classically trained pianist Tim Laverak and bass player and specialist electronic engineer, Gavin Kirtley. The key to their quintessential sound is in the constant development of thematic material within classical structures and forms – the result being something utterly distinctive and quite extraordinary.

With influences ranging from Loscil and Tim Hecker to Ben Frost and Hammock, Opdot have a musical eye for detail and an ear for melody, textures and mood. Their compositions marry emotive melodic electronica with intricate rhythms blending synthesizers and acoustic timbres. They recently released an album, Opus One, on the Just Music label.

Ambient music is an ever expanding trope of sub genres that relax and refresh. It is music for the mind and soul to feast on, transporting the listener, inviting them to take one’s time, to view things from a different perspective. It abates the stress of life and embraces the listener in a warm and tender hug”

We are very happy that they have joined us in the Ambient Zone.

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