Paw Paw

“Mercury Rx begins in a swirl of synthesis which immediately sets you a-sail upon a ship into space. Mixed with tribal drumming and an almost melancholic guitar melody. It’s a journey with struggles but you know that everything will be alright in the end. Mercury is in only retrograde after all.”

Paw Paw is the nom de plume of Eston Lathrop, Denver, Colorado based experimentalist, drummer, and producer. Paw Paw has taken many forms over the years, various instrumentations and accompaniment. However, always with a vibe of Kosmische music and its roots firmly planted in the earth’s soil. An electro-tribal gaze into the future’s shimmering horizon. Or perhaps the type of foggy malaise ridden soundscapes conjure memories of deep wooded footpaths and the mind following vivid dream sessions. Either way you put it, Paw Paw is going to bring you out of your body, entrance you, and place you gently back in.

His musical references are Popol Vuh, Sven Grunberg, Hiroshi Yoshimura, S. Ramses, Neuronium, Adelbert von Deyen, Woodsman, Future Museums, Stag Hare and Puerta del Sol

“Ambient music is the paint on the canvas of your soul.”