Prospector Sound

Quite a long time ago, I lost track of what people considered to be Ambient Music and consciously decided to just focus on my own path.

Prospector Sound is the alter-ego of Manchester musician Richard Talbot, who is most well known as a founding member of Marconi Union. Talbot (under various pseudonyms) has been making Ambient Music since the late 1980s when the genre was still in its infancy and was a part of the ‘Cassette Scene’ that flourished around that time.

Over the past thirty-five years, rather than vacillating between different musical poles, Talbot has chosen to constantly refine and adjust his core concept of sonically capturing real or imaginary spaces. He notes: ”Whenever I make music, I’m making imaginary places for myself.”

The music largely eschews rhythm and places a heavy emphasis on evocative atmospherics these can be warm, dark or mysterious or sometimes all of these things at the same time. One consistent feature of Prospector Sound records is their organic quality often emphasised by their employment of processed found sound and field recordings.

Originally, my understanding of Ambient Music was that it would complement the environment it was being heard in, without dominating it or being the focus of attention. I’m not sure what Ambient Music is now and to be honest, I don’t really care, I’ve long taken the view that I do what I do, and I have no real intention of changing. Certainly not to please anyone else or fit into any fashion.

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