Richard P John

“What interests me about ambient music is its ability to prolong a single state of emotion and thought for long periods of time in a way that many other genres can’t.”

Richard P John was born in Neath, South Wales in 1981 where he still lives. He studied piano and composition at the Royal College of Music and now works as a pianist, composer and teacher. His compositions are varied, ranging from solo piano music, choral and ensemble works to experimental and ambient music.

Glimpse is among the first of Richard’s ambient works. Despite the seemingly static nature of the piece, each part/layer follows a slightly different tempo and/or time signature to each other. If we only ‘glimpse’ at the work, nothing appears to happen, but delve deeper inside and nothing actually ever stays the same.

“Stillness and silence are often filled with many more events than we at first notice. Glimpse is an attempt to make as seemingly static a piece as possible, while a closer look (or listen!), reveals a lot more happening than initially appears.”




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