“One day my parents decided to invest in a new home stereo system and it was only after being around the wonderful new device, albeit very modest by today’s standards, that I started to discover new worlds within the music I was hearing. The stereophonic sound image and the sense of space it provided, the sheer power of the volume, and the audio landscape stretching from the bass deep down all the way up to the tinny high end gave me goosebumps. Now I could listen to almost anything, suddenly it was all about sound.”  

Yasmin is music in a magic grotto – where the early gentle breaths of clarinet swirl out of a bubbling spring to be joined in rapture by divine notes which bounce around the cave and float to heaven – it is uplifting and truly breathtaking. RinneRadio is a group of electro jazz pioneers from Finland. Founded by woodwind specialist and saxophonist Tapani Rinne, they have a distinct tonal approach to the music they create, their hypnotic and trance inducing washes of sound meeting Nordic coolness in exciting and unprecedented ways that evoke prime Brian Eno and late-period Miles Davis in equal measure.  

Long before ”nu jazz” came and went in the late 1990s, Tapani was part of a team of mad musical scientists in Finland who were busy exploring the three-way interface between improvised music, electronic beats and ambient soundscapes. Music had always been an essential part of Tapani’s life. He studied clarinet at music school in his hometown Pori, played the saxophone in the school orchestra and spent evenings and weekends playing with various groups. He also started developing a budding interest in jazz. It was from this background that RinneRadio was formed. 

 “Mood, color, atmosphere, space, sound. These elements have been equally important to me when compared to the more traditional musical features of melody, rhythm and harmony” 

The band regularly reinvents itself, performing all over the world, releasing a total of eleven albums to date. Whilst their vision comes primarily from woodwind specialist Tapani, in true collaborative spirit he regularly invites an array of exciting musicians to play and record with them. On ‘Yasmin’, the core of Rinne’s bass clarinet, co-producer Konsta Mikkonen’s electronics and Juuso Hannukainebn’s percussion become magnified by the talents of ECM artist and pianist Iro Haarla, famous Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto together with young and talented artists Aino Kurki and Lauri Wuolio. 

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