Rob Lewis

“My passion for ambient music stems from the notion that compositions create an atmosphere or feeling that connects with people on many levels. Its diverse soundscape makes all musical styles relevant, it is just a matter of fusing the preferred elements together”

Rob Lewis is a composer, producer and cellist hailing from London.

His compositions are created in one take using a cello, simple effects and a loop pedal; all manipulated using expression pedals. Loops are kept dynamic by changing the playback direction of the recorded material whilst adding new textures using unique sounds on the cello. Each composition is written with the idea of mixing it completely live, and as a result no track ever sounds the same twice, the resulting sound crossing the boundaries of contemporary classical and experimental electronic.

His debut solo album ‘Momentum’, is a collection of ten stunning unique tracks inspired by nature humanity and the constant strife between the two. This is a special mix of ‘Closed Caption’ from that album for The Ambient Zone. The track is inspired by the theme of renewable energy, and the impact it has on the earth. It encompasses a hypnotic pizzicato pattern, along with meditative vocals to create a continuous tapestry of ambient sounds.

As a composer Rob has worked on a variety of high-profile projects for TV, scoring numerous documentaries, as well as collaborating with artists such as Noel Gallagher, SBTRKT and Beardyman and David Holmes.

His musical references and similarities relate to Steve Reich, Nils Frahm, Arvo Part and Berio.

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