Soular Order

“A deliciously delicate ambient track Absolve is built around a continuous pad, with other elements falling in and out of timing slightly to create obscure patterns that come together as one whole. The order in chaos.”

Soular Order is a musician from Manchester, England who creates experimental, ambient and beat-driven electronic music, combining elements of analogue synths, guitars and found sound percussion.

Born Jon Maynard on November 26th, 1988, in Manchester, England, he began creating music under the name Soular Order in 2010. Having spent most of his youth playing guitar in various local bands, Jon began producing electronic music under various names until settling on the alias.

Jon released 2 EP’s in 2012, before going on to form the label City By Night Records. That same year, he released the IV EP to launch the label. He released 5 EP’s through the City By Night Records label before releasing his first full-length album, Rhythmic Sleep, in 2016.

Since then, he has gone on to found Beatsupply with label mate IOM and has continued to release various EPs and singles.

Ambient music is something that I’ve constantly gravitated towards both as a musician and a listener. I listen to all kinds of music, and I’ve made all kinds of music. But ambient has been a constant. There’s something I find truly special about it. The subtlety in compositions. The time it takes to discover those subtleties. Ambient music, to me, is like looking at a painting. The more you look, you see things you didn’t notice before. Ambient music can take you on a journey.”

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