“I started writing ambient music as stanleystanley almost three years ago. Having previously been involved in various bands and projects, I find composing ambient music makes me more creative, as it allows me to discard conventional song structures when combining beatless soundscapes with emotive melodies.” 

stanleystanley is the electronic music producer alias of Jordan Russell-Hall who has released music on various record labels including Terminal Dream (Moscow, Russia), Parnell Supply Co. and Octo Trax (both Glasgow, Scotland). Musically, stanleystanley tends to write brief electronic compositions with repetitive melodic hooks and calming tones that act as an entrance to the world of ambient music for the short attention-spanned listener (and himself). His most recent EP, occipita, experimented with trance melodies and structures while combining them with melancholic, ambient textures.  

Recently, he wrote original music and recorded foley sounds for a short film titled A Waking Nightmare by Becky Hollis. This was his first foray into recording audio for film and it remains one of the projects he has enjoyed working on the most. The short film was given its debut screenings in Edinburgh and Glasgow where it won the top prize as part of The Cineskinny Short Film programme (May 2019). 

For this new releasehe found himself experimenting with form and structure when writing the EP, and tried to dismiss any notions of falling into old composing habits. This is also the first release of his in which he has paired saturated electronic sounds with more conventional acoustic instruments such as harps and bass guitars. Though it was not his intention from the beginning, these tracks deal with some deeply personal themes and he is pleased with how they have come together. When writing this EP, he drew influences from recent releases by H.Takahashi, Oneohtrix Point Never and Yamaneko as well as the output from electronic labels such as New Atlantis and Not Not Fun.  

In his own words, the first track palace of steam “was an attempt to evoke the imagery of wandering aimlessly on a foggy afternoon and encountering a desolate palace that only exists within the mist. A safe haven for when real-life becomes overwhelming”. Meanwhile, the final track, beside myself (and looking in), was written to reflect the frequent occasions where he feels as if he is watching himself have conversations with others as more of a spectator than a participant. He says “though this happens fairly often for me and nothing bad comes of it, it can be quite a disconcerting experience”.  

 For me, Ambient Music is more than just background music. I find myself listening on a daily basis in order to decompress after long days and stressful times. I also feel that it is one of the most interesting and creative types of music around at the moment as you can often find compositions that are both emotive and challenging.” 

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