“For me, Ambient Music is more than just background music. I find myself listening on a daily basis in order to decompress after long days and stressful times. I also feel that it is one of the most interesting and creative types of music around at the moment as you can often find compositions that are both emotive and challenging.”

stanleystanley is the alias that electronic music producer and short film composer Jordan Russell-Hall uses for releasing ambient music.

He looks towards the more unsettling side of ambient music by taking influences from outside the realm of calming or meditative music. He uses synthetic voices, pulsing syncopated rhythms and glass-like synths to create something unquiet yet still warm and ambient.

Whilst recording this new ‘soon soon’ EP he found himself listening to and being influenced by electronics producers such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Actress and Nathan Micay.

His earlier release for The Ambient Zone, ‘beside myself’, was the result of experimenting with form and structure by dismissing the notions of falling into old composing habits.

‘beside myself’ is a beautifully composed and executed biographical and personal EP by stanleystanley. With a stunning ability to compose simple moments with huge, dense crescendos, each movement in the EP conveys a particular mood and sometimes various moods throughout a singular track’. (Somewhere Cold)

Jordan has also composed music for short films, such as A Waking Nightmare (dir. Becky Hollis) which won the top prize at The Skinny’s Cineskinny Short Film event and he has also produced the new single, ‘Clarity’ for Dahlia, a trip-hop/witch house singer-songwriter also based in Edinburgh. He has also previously released music with the Russian label, Terminal Dream, and with Octo Trax and Parnell Supply Co, both based in Glasgow, Scotland and with Salmon Universe.

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