Spirals is the lead track from Viragi’s forthcoming EP ‘Into the Clear Light’.

A synthetic ensemble from your dreams carries you through a piece that is first-hand evidence of less often being a lot more. It’s silky arpeggios float from your mind and call to nearby dream catchers. The dream catchers response portrayed by the bed of soft, synthetic chords, aiding a deep and peaceful sleep, the cycle continuing until the mind has worked through all that lies in the subconscious.

Beautiful and extraordinary, Viragi’s music is a spiritual and mystical mixture of east and west. Featuring hypnotic multi-layered rhythms, virtuoso guitar, enigmatic voices and inspirational sounds from a vast musical landscape, he makes modern ambient music. His album ‘The Seven Heads of Propaganda’ released some 20 years ago remains a classic in the genre to this day.

He lives in the depths of the English countryside and travels extensively in Asia, Africa and Europe. He spends his time making music, collecting and trading in art and digging his garden, listening to music all day, everything from classical to world to pop and rock.

He is currently much enamoured by the music of artists from the Islamic world such as Anouar Brahem and Dhafer Youssef.

To me ambient music is about creating spaciousness and atmosphere whilst retaining a harmonious melodic thread to keep the listener engaged. No surprise at the rising interest in this form of music given the trying times that we live in.”