“’Monsoon’ follows the minimalist aesthetic of ‘Parallel’. Just three ambient layers with merging sounds and some field recordings and low-end lines.”

Warmth is one of the projects of Agustín Mena, an ambient producer based in Valencia, on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. He also runs the labels Archives and Faint and works under the side project SVLBRD, which is focused on ambient-techno.

Agustin often hears about the music he creates and about ambient music in general that it is something to have on in the background or even something to ‘sleep’ to. Though he respects any opinion, it’s not at all what ambient music is about for him at. He thinks that ambient music should be listened to properly, with even more attention than to any other form of music, so that the listener is able to enjoy and capture every last detail.

“It’s about generating the emotions. I mean, the music that moves me as a listener is the one that makes me feel something. Not necessarily something pleasant, but something that moves me inside and invites me to forget everything and immerse myself in it.”

Agustin says that the music of Boards of Canada caused a great impact on him when he first heard it and from there he discovered similar artists such as James Holden and Border Community.

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