Meditations | 002

Can we cultivate a state of mind rooted in love and kindness?

This meditation, based on one of the ancient Buddhist meditation techniques named the ‘Metta Bhavana’ provides a tool through which we can stop and focus our minds on a compassionate way of being. Metta: Universal loving-kindness, benevolence, an active interest in others, good-will, compassion Bhavana: Meditating, cultivating, becoming It goes without saying that when we approach people and situations with a loving heart not only does it bring comfort and support to those we encounter, but when in this loving mood, we also generate endorphins – we feel happy, grateful and connected.

Laura Benedict, Founder of Hands of the Earth

Underlying Music:
Faru – When We Follow
Echaskech – Panoptican Blue
Bengalfuel – Gryphon
Iluiteq – No Longer Known (Follow The Light Mix)